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Breaking free from the mundane and getting off-road has never been easier. Adventure 4×4 Hire offers you the freedom and flexibility to really discover the best of Australia’s great outdoors.

Experience the best of southeast Queensland … and beyond. Perhaps even tick off that big trip around Australia! Whether you’re a four-wheel driving newbie or a seasoned offroader, anything is possible with Adventure 4×4 Hire, where everything from single-day to long-term 4WD rental is available and there’s a rooftop tent fitted to every easy-to-drive, fully automatic, late-model Toyota HiLux.

With Fraser Island, Moreton Island, Stradbroke Island and the Great Beach Drive from Noosa North Shore to Double Island Point and Rainbow Beach, there’s plenty of fantastic four-wheel driving experiences in close proximity to your 4WD pickup locations.

Escape the everyday, your way

*When travelling to Fraser Island the roof top tent and awning are not available*

The freedom and flexibility to truly discover the best of Australia

Quench your thirst for adventure, get off the beaten track and explore more of Australia’s diverse land than you ever have before! Sounds idyllic, right? Well, it’s now more achievable than ever.

With an Adventure 4×4 Hire vehicle, you really can go anywhere in southeast Queensland … or beyond.

Best of all, whether you thrive on adventure or simply crave some quality R&R, your adventure can be as action-packed or as slow-paced as you prefer.

Imagine simply getting off the grid, cruising the beach for a while until you find that perfect spot, pulling out the shade awning, then kicking back with a good book and a glass of wine. How’s the serenity?

Whether you’re a couple or a family, a four-wheel drive trip exploring spectacular coastline, lush rainforest, an island paradise or Outback tracks offers the perfect opportunity to get off the grid and reconnect. Adventure 4×4 Hire is the most convenient way to experience any of those scenarios or simply enjoy touring this great land with the ability to go off-road when you want or need to.

So come on, do your trip, go where you want, on your time. Give the Adventure 4×4 Hire team a call and Plan Tomorrow’s Adventure Today.

Perhaps you own a four-wheel drive, but your mates don’t and you’d love to give them a taste of the weekend offroading lifestyle you enjoy. Or they’re dead keen to join you but you can’t fit EVERYONE in!

Or is it that you have friends visiting from interstate or even overseas and want to show them the true meaning of fun under the sun in Queensland?

In any of these scenarios, Adventure 4×4 Hire is the perfect solution, enabling you to all head off the beaten track together in separate vehicles.

Are you a 4WD enthusiast holidaying in Queensland?

For experienced four-wheel driving enthusiasts from interstate who are holidaying in Queensland, the convenience of 4×4 rental means you can leave your vehicle at home, fly in and very quickly go off-road.

With complimentary airport pickup on the Sunshine Coast, as well as Brisbane for long-term 4WD rental periods, you can start your adventure immediately.

Try the 4×4 lifestyle before you buy

If you’ve been considering buying a four-wheel drive to add some adventure to your weekends, you probably want to be sure you’re actually going to make the most of your investment … and get plenty of fun out of it.

Renting from Adventure 4×4 Hire is a great way to get a taste of the outdoors as a family and see if 4WDing truly is right for you before you go all in.


Adventure 4×4 Hire’s dual-cab Toyota HiLux utes are so easy to drive, they’re the perfect starter vehicle for those who’ve never before been 4WDing and want to give it a try.

Fully automatic, with adaptive cruise control and the ability to select 4WD with the flick of a button, the HiLux is comfortable and quiet, yet well equipped to get you where you need to go. Safety features are also plentiful, including automatic pedestrian and collision detection, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure alerts, road sign assist and down hill assist.

Each of Adventure 4×4 Hire’s vehicles are also fitted with a rooftop tent and a shade awning, as well as a 60-litre fridge/freezer, butane burner stove and much more to make getting off the beaten track an absolute breeze. Stay overnight in a caravan park, camping ground or somewhere remote … the options are endless!

All vehicles are set up to tow if required, available for recreational 4WDriving and are permitted off-road, including on the beach, with various optional extras available depending on your intended adventure.

Top Destinations

The Sunshine Coast is a fantastic place to start your four-wheel driving adventure, with plenty of superb destinations within cooee.

Exploring the Cooloola Recreation Area and Great Sandy National Park, either as a standalone adventure or en route to Fraser Island, is a major drawcard for four-wheel drive enthusiasts visiting the Sunshine Coast region.

About half an hour’s drive from Adventure 4×4 Hire’s secure compound in Coolum Beach or Sunshine Coast Airport – where free 4WD pickup is offered – the ferry from Tewantin to Noosa North Shore marks the start of your adventure. Imagine cruising past towering coastal sand cliffs and coloured sands on the Great Beach Drive in your four-wheel drive rental vehicle … finding the perfect spot to stop a while, pulling out the shade awning and relaxing with a good book … fishing straight from the ocean and hiking through rainforest remnants … camping among wildflowers and then hitting repeat the next day.

Other popular spots for 4WDs on the Sunshine Coast include Conondale National Park and the Glasshouse Mountains.

Fraser Island itself is of course one of Australia’s favourite ecotourism destinations, with its amazing 4WD tracks, it’s the perfect way to discover its perched lakes, famous 75 Mile Beach and many other natural wonders.

Then there’s Moreton Island and South Stradbroke Island off Brisbane, not to mention so many other incredible offroading destinations within Queensland, northern NSW and the rest of Australia.

What are you waiting for?

Breaking free from the mundane and getting off-road has never been easier. Book with Adventure 4×4 Hire and head off in an easy-to-drive, fully automatic, late-model Toyota HiLux overnight or on a longer getaway – even around Australia – taking your accommodation with you courtesy of the rooftop tent that requires only a few minutes to set up.